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Illustrations and Comic Strips


"De Fluit en de Bombardon" by Rita Törnqvist


Published by Uitgeverij Ploegsma, Amsterdam. ©

1981- 1983

"Women's information booklets"

Various illustrations

published by Uitgeverij Sara, Amsterdam. ©

Kinderkrant, the magazine Serpentine, daily newspaper Trouw
and emancipation project Vrek, Amsterdam.

Various illustrations


Ellen wrote and illustrated 2 comic strips
for the children's pages of Trouw:

"De Wilde Vaart van de Vlotter"

Comic strip

About the silly adventures of some kids
exploring the world on a home-made raft.

"Merik de Meeuw"

Comic strip

a spin-off about a sarcastic seagull who first appeared in "De Vlotter" strip.