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Storyboarding work entails visualising the work of other directors, checking continuity and camera angles, and expressing emotions and movements of the characters for immediate use in the studio...
From 1999-2014, Ellen has worked as a story board artist for the following TV puppet animation series & films:

"Woezel & Pip"

Children's animated TV series, 26 X 5 minutes, produced by: il Luster Productions, Droomjager Media and KRO TV.

"Pim & Pom, Het Grote Avontuur"

A feature-length animated film based on the drawings of Dutch illustrator Fiep Westendorp, produced by Pim & Pom BV, released in 2014.

"Rotten Ralph"

Produced by Italtoons and Tooncan Productions Inc.
in association with BBC Worldwide with animation
by Cosgrove Hall Films Ltd.

"Rubber Dubbers"

for Hot Animation & BBC

"Andy Pandy"

for Cosgrove Hall Films & BBC

"Postman Pat"

Produced by Entertainment Rights, Cosgrove Hall Films &BBC.